When to start investing?

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Not at all. This is a great time to be starting out as an investor. Or to be adding to a portfolio.

YES, even when the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) can drop 778 points in a day. And when government bank takeovers have wiped out the owners of both stocks and bonds. And when financial mainstays like Lehman Bros. (LEHMQ, news, msgs), Wachovia (WB, news, msgs) and Bear Stearns have all but disappeared overnight.

And even when stuffing your money in a mattress seems like it’s the best alternative.

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Because it’s not. Money in a mattress or buried in the backyard becomes worth less every day, as inflation eats away at its value. Money in a savings account or a certificate of deposit barely earns enough interest these days to keep up with inflation. If your…

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