Five steps towards wealth creation

Wealth is what needed, but not to ignore Health factor !

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Here’s taking a look at a few steps which will set you off on the path of financial security. The days when you could take uninformed decisions, not worry about your investments or expenses, put your feet up and watch the world go by are over forever. Constant monitoring, constant analysis of risks and returns and the need to match them to your risk appetite, dumping old products for new and better ones – is the name of the game now. Here is a five-step guide to wealth creation.

Invest before you spend

It is always easy to spend. Before you know it, all the money is gone. The end of the month sees you craving for the next pay. Very often, a portion of the next pay is also spent before you actually see it. Saving for the future? You will say, “Forget it, I need the money today”…

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