Real (Estate) Investment

1.Real estate has every sigh of perpetuating.

2. Benefits can be drawn through a re-mortgage without selling.

3. While shares may be passed down, in one slump of the market it could be wiped out.

4. There are times when there is a slump in real estate, but even at such times it is still relatively better than the other investments at maintaining income.

5. Most wealthy people keep their wealth in real estate.

6. Financial institutions are ready to make lines of credit available for real estate.

7. It is considered one of the most secure investments you could ever make.

8. Banks hardly give you a loan to invest in shares but if you go to them with a good plan for purchasing real estate they welcome it.

9. Real estate is attractive to banks because lending can be tied to the very property you are getting a mortgage on.

10. Dealing in real estate requires a handful of insight on where to buy, what to buy, when to buy and how to wait for the right deal.

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