There was, is and will be  NO ‘UFO’s whatsoever, for they are NOT REAL! and so, are not going to visit us anyway!! It was only a mirage revealed by The United States during the Era of Cold WAR with the erstwhile USSR. During that period, USA was developing their "Stealth Bombers" which were designed in such a way as to evade the radars; as such they were under routine trial runs and were sighted by several people including many pilots (information as revealed by America itself on a past occassion, as I read the news items myself related to the doubt..)
So, there is  NO ‘UFO’ (Un Identified Flying objects) ! So, That was the real story!!

About abubucker4600

Gentleman, so passionate with great vigor of optimism, soaked with love and compassion for the living beings, whatsoever, as created by Almighty GOD, who is merciful and benevolent as well as the benefactor to the fullest degree...
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