India Proud!

  • Do you know?
The HOTMAIL’ was conceived and floated by an INDIAN national (Mr. Bhatia?) and sold to ‘Microsoft’ for 400$ Million……
  • We Salute…
  • our ‘National Flag’, the Tri-colour with the  Asokh’s Chakra..
  • And Respect the Solemnity of our ‘National Anthem’ that starts with ‘Jana…
  • the sense of duty adhered by our  self-less ‘Jawans’, who defend our borders in even unfriendly terrains..
  • our ever flowing rivers, that do fertilize our land mass, the granary of Mighty India
  • the  Mighty’Himalayas’ that shelters the Silvery ‘SNOW’ that in turn replenishes our rivers..
  • ……….
  • while still keeping in mind , remembering in gratitue the Mighty GOD, the merciful and the benovalent "CREATER" UP There!

About abubucker4600

Gentleman, so passionate with great vigor of optimism, soaked with love and compassion for the living beings, whatsoever, as created by Almighty GOD, who is merciful and benevolent as well as the benefactor to the fullest degree...
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