Jungle walk…

  • elephant goes electronic ”e-phant”
  • Giraffe becomes graphic designer "Giraffic designer"
  • Buffalo bluffs "Bluffalo"
  • Deer writes to his mate "My deer"
  • Hippopotamus goes hippyways……Hippypotamus"
  • Crocodile has chronic disease "Chronicodile"
  • Zebra without a bra "Ze"
  • "Boredom" in the wild called "Wildboar"
  • Favorite ‘snack’ of a Bird of Prey  "Snake"
  • ‘Ox’ drives a Ford car "Oxford"

About abubucker4600

Gentleman, so passionate with great vigor of optimism, soaked with love and compassion for the living beings, whatsoever, as created by Almighty GOD, who is merciful and benevolent as well as the benefactor to the fullest degree...
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