One of the languages of India (prevalently spoken and in practice in the state of Kerala (Claimed by its people as "GOD’s own land" for its scenic beauty) is called: "M A L A Y A L A M" as written in English.  The speciality is that, this could be read and spelt the same BOTHWAYS, that is from Left to Right and Right to Left. Astonishing..Isn’t it!!
  • Simarly you have some names: like TATA" being name of a legendary indian industrial corporate – you can read bothways..
  • & also the erstwhile musical troupe called "ABBA" it is also bothways readable…

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Gentleman, so passionate with great vigor of optimism, soaked with love and compassion for the living beings, whatsoever, as created by Almighty GOD, who is merciful and benevolent as well as the benefactor to the fullest degree...
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